6 Ways Your Dressing Could Be Killing You

So many people don’t care about their clothes and the effects they may have on them after wearing them. So, before you wear or put on any clothing, make sure that it won’t have any negative impact on your health.

Many sources including body care shops have advised people to take their time to go through the content or materials that make up the clothing they are wearing to avoid health complications. There are some clothes which after wearing it may cause your body to have rashes or even in extreme cases lead to body cancer. So before pulling that clothe over your head make sure that it won’t affect you negatively through the following ways:

1. Toxic Clothing Materials:

There are some clothing materials that even fashion designers’ websites have to advise people to avoid as it has many negative effects on the body. Materials like nylon, polyester, acrylic are made up mainly of chemicals with dyes and this is not healthy for the human body or health.

This is because wearing these clothes is just a form of endangering your body to chemicals that may get into your bloodstream and in extreme cases cause cancer or death. Instead of buying this chemical of clothing, you can go for natural materials like flax, cotton or wool.

2. Heavy Handbags:

When you are wearing a fashion outfit that makes you use a heavy purse, the result is pain on the shoulder. When you wear a big bag, the other shoulder that is free is often raised and this leads to pain and disfigured body after a long time.

 If one should wear this till mid-age, it can lead to shoulder pain as you age, and nobody wants to experience such pain as they age.

3. Wearing Vintage Clothes:

Wearing clothing that you don’t know the brand that produced it may be a high risk because you don’t know the production process involved. Vintage clothes have a reputation of being unclean and out of fashion.

4. High Heels:

Although high heels are worn by many people, most of the people that wear them don’t know the negative effects this has on their bodies. Wearing high heels for a long time will make the calf that is located in your leg to be shortened.

Wearing high heels all the time also causes pain in the leg and blisters to develop. Wearing high heels has caused a lot of people to suffer from leg pain during their old age or whenever they wear flat shoes.

5. Use of Detergent:

Laundry detergent can cause bumps or rashes especially for people who have sensitive skin. If you know that your skin is sensitive or maybe you are suffering from eczema, laundry detergent or even dyes should not be used too much on your clothes to avoid irritation.

6. Wearing Dirty Clothes:

Some people don’t make an effort to keep their clothes clean whenever they wear them. Especially clothes that are worn during the winter, a lot of people only wash it once and this causes bacteria to accumulate in such clothes thereby making yourself vulnerable to infections that these bacteria may cause.


Caring about your clothes and how you wear them is important to avoid health complications that may even end your life. Make sure you regulate the type of detergent you use for laundry when you wash your clothes and the type of clothes you wear.