Sports or Casual Wears: A Recreational Dilemma

My first jogging experience is one that will remain with me for a lifetime. I had noticed my next-door neighbor going for weekend morning jogs in the neighborhood; it did not take me long to approach him with an offer to join in. Having informed him of my intentions to tag along for the morning jogs on a Friday (to which he agreed), I left myself with no lag time to get the appropriate wears. Being a person who seldom backs out of a decision, I decided to implement a compromise. I ran through my cloth drawer and picked the most comfortable pair of casual wears I had at the time; I also fetched a couple of old (but still durable) Weejuns from my shoe rack, as I did not have running shoes.

Upon meeting my neighbor early, the following morning – kitted in my casual wear, he was quick to indicate his concern; I, however, insisted that I would cope. At the end of about two hours non-stop jogging, I sat on the porch of my house (sweating profusely) to cool off; and before long started feeling a biting sensation on my feet. I pulled the shoes I had on, and alas, there were blisters on my feet. The incident prevented me from resuming work at the office the following week as I had to treat my feet for a couple of days. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Why you should invest in sportswear

There are attires agreed upon, through societal and cultural consensus, to be suitable for particular events. A job applicant who got invited for an interview in an administrative role would naturally dress formally; it is, however, improbable that the said individual would go clubbing in the same outfit.

The design of sportswear is mostly to serve as a comfortable covering for use in (competitive or non-competitive) sporting events and general recreation. Still in doubt of why you need to go online in search of sportswear stores; where you can get quality sporting kits? Then, we shall be generous enough to share some here.

1.You get saved from the embarrassment of mistaken identity

Try imagining yourself jogging through New York Central Park with an inappropriate attire; heads will likely turn as you go by, even if you are not the only person jogging at the time. Depending on the context and environmental tempo at the time, you might also be mistaken for a distressed fellow running for refuge.


Are you hitting the gym for some exercise? Using the appropriate sportswear will grant you excellent poise and confidence while interacting with fellow gym users. It would not be a surprise if you even come off with a date. In the case of competitive sport, the confidence conferred on users by the quality sportswear they adorn might turn out to be the morale booster to help bag a win.

3.Performance Improvement

A fact revealed by many studies is the improvement of performance influenced by the unique aerodynamic, flexible, or breathable design properties of modern sportswear.


About my earlier-mentioned jogging experience in casual wear, you will save yourself from various injuries and discomfort if you will only invest in quality wears for your sporting and recreational activities.